Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents

Deaf or hearing impaired parents have quite specific needs when it comes to choosing a baby monitor. A baby monitor for deaf parents needs to have certain basic functions and features and these include:

  • Video 
  • Vibration alerts
  • Noise level indication lights
  • Sound activation 
  • Portability
  • Out of range indicator

Many audio baby monitors have vibration alerts, but these days the video baby monitor has become extremely popular and a must have item with any new parent. Being able to see your baby any time of the day and night is truly reassuring to any parent.

A baby monitor for deaf parents need not cost you the earth as there are some really good priced models that have the basic functions and features that are required.

Check out my choices of the best baby monitor for the deaf and hearing impaired.

Baby monitor for deaf parentsVTech Safe & Sounds Full Color Video and Audio Monitor 

The VTech Video Baby Monitor is, I think, a great video baby monitor that’s big on functions and features and low on cost.  Compared to many other video baby monitors with similar features, this is certainly good value for money for around $100.

This is why I think the VTech video baby monitor is a good choice for hearing impaired parents. 

First of all you have a vibrating sound alert function that will alert you to any sound that comes from your baby’s room.  Then you have a six level sound indicator that will let you see at a glance whether your baby is just whimpering or full blown howling! Then you have a sound activated screen. When the parent unit is switched off, you can set the screen to turn on automatically when sound is detected. The screen will automatically switch off when no sound is detected for 30 seconds.

What I like about this video baby monitor is that it has a good sized 2.8″ color screen that has split screen capabilities. The system supports up to four cameras, so you can view in single mode or quad view mode if you have more than one child you wish to monitor. 

This VTech video baby monitor has a whopping 1,000 ft signal range so you can move easily around your home without losing signal. On the parent unit you can see the connection status, so you will know whether the link between the parent unit and baby unit is strong, moderate or lost.

On the negative side, this monitor isn’t particularly portable, not having a belt clip, but it does have an adjustable stand that can be placed on any flat surface and small enough that you can easily carry it around in your hand.

You can find out more about this VTech Video Baby Monitor by clicking on this link or go straight to to check out the latest deals.


baby monitor for deaf parents

Graco True Focus Digital Video Monitor

My next choice would be the Graco True Focus video monitor which retails for around $140. Well-known for their good quality baby products, this monitor has many of the functions and features that make an excellent baby monitor for deaf parents

First of all you have a five level sound indicator to alert you to your baby’s sounds, and then an exclusive vibration alert that you can set by simply touching a button. The video screen is a a good sized 2.4″ color screen so you can see your baby clearly in the day and automatic black and white night vision so you can keep any eye in a darkened room.  Like the VTech video baby monitor, the Graco has an extended range of 1,000ft with an out-of-range indicator.

On the plus side, the Graco video monitor is slim and light and is fully portable. It comes with a belt clip so you can walk around your home hands free.  On the negative side, this monitor doesn’t have sound activation. For more information click on this link.

These are my choices for a baby monitor for deaf parents and as you can see they each have their pros and cons. I really feel that you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on a monitor with features that are really not needed, and the two monitors above show good value for money.

If you can recommend another baby monitor for deaf parents, please let me know so we can share the information with other hearing impaired parents


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